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Kharadron Overlords: Arkanaut Ironclad
Box Cover


Arkanaut Ironclads are majestic airships that are festooned with weapons and able to carry huge loads of cargo. In times of war they can loaded with formations of troops. Kharadron’s endrineers have been able to perfect their craft and the Ironclad is the largest to date. Constructed using layer upon layer of riveted iron plates. They have massive amounts of bombs, torpedoes and aether-shot.

This plastic kit contains the 152 components to assemble an Arkanaut Ironclad. As the flagship of a skyfleet, it is of an impressive size and covered in weaponry. For a main gun, it can be equipped with great sky cannon, great skyhook, and aethermatic volley gun, with aethershot carbines, a supremacy mine, aethershock torpedoes, detonation drills, fragmentation charges and grudgesettler bombs attached to the hull.
massive dirigible covered in detailed pipework and fittings, with a huge array of customisable features – the crow’s nest can feature either a navigator or signaller Kharadron with their own telescope and light box, and there’s a ton of rigging, bomb racks, ladders and various ship’s accoutrement, covered in aerofoils which can be modelled to show the direction of travel, and a complex-looking system of cogs driving the rudder. The crew of the Ironclad are every bit as detailed as the vessel they man, with a captain standing at the ship’s wheel; an endrinrigger with various tools hanging off the side, fixing an important leak; a gunner to stand at the main weapon and the aforementioned signaller and navigator.
This kit is supplied with a Citadel 170 x 109 mm oval base and 50mm ball and socket flying stem.

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Kharadron Overlords: Arkanaut Ironclad

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