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This plastic kit contains 179 components, including 11 torso fronts (of which 10 are unique designs); 10 different leg poses; 16 different heads (13 with helmets, 3 bare-headed); 22 shoulder pads; 10 backpacks (of which 9 are individual designs); and 10 sets of left and right arms. Weapons and modelling options There are 10 unique boltguns, a gravgun, a meltagun, a plasma gun, a flamer, a missile launcher (including backpack and spare missiles).

Sergeants can be equipped with a combination of plasma pistol, grav pistol or bolt pistol in combination with power fist, power sword, chainsword or for longer range options. combi-bolters – combi-grav, combi-melta, combi-plasma, or combi-flamer. The squad can also be armed with a melta bomb, a selection of combat knives, and Frag and Krak grenades to equip each Space Marine. A back banner can be used on the squad sergeant (with the choice of 3 different banner tops); a holstered pistol; targeting scopes for the boltguns; parchments and purity seals; ammo pouches; an auspex; and 3 spare hands (1 pointing, 1 holding a grenade, and 1 holding a boltgun cartridge).

Also included are 2 Ultramarines Infantry Transfer Sheet with which to add Chapter iconography and squad markings.

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Tactical Squad

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