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Khorne Bloodbound Wrathmongers Box Cover


The Wrathmongers are crazed and manic warriors who throw themselves at the enemy battle line to dismember and cleave the foes who meet their wraith-flails. These are no mere men but have been infused with the daemonic energies from the realms of chaos and so are worshipped by the other members of the tribe.

The Skullreapers are some the warlords chosen, reavers who have fully consumed by the unspeakable acts they have been forced to commit and now have dedicated themselves to the Blood God. Only the greatest champions have any hope of standing against them and often even they will feel the blades of the Skullreapers on their neck.

sThis 97 components plastic kit makes either five Khorne Wrathmongers or five Khorne Skullreapers. There are five sets of heavily armoured legs (one fashioned as a Bloodletter) with 10 torsos, used to form the basis of the models with a choice of 10 individually designed sets of armour that fit to the torso fronts with the option to add shoulder armour. Both types of unit have enough parts to include a champion and standard bearer for either. The Wrathmongers are each equipped with a pair of wrath-flails, and there are five helmeted heads with an option to distinguish the champion with the addition of a helmet fashioned as a Bloodletter’s face and a mutation in the shape of a scorpions tail. Each Skullreaper sports a trophy rack back, and the Champion is distinguished by his double trophy rack and are armed with two hand weapons, and the kit has a choice of 13 weapons ranging from swords, axes, maces and knives, with the option to arm one of the models with a double-handed axe. Alternatively, the Skullreapers can carry pairs of ensorcelled weapons of which there are 8 different individual weapons, with one of the models to be armed with a double-handed sword. Seven bare heads that sport a variety of mutations, from horns, studded foreheads and even a bestial dog face is featured.

The kit is supplied with five Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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Blades of Khorne: Khorne Bloodbound Wrathmongers

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