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The New Guinea campaign spanned several years and thousands of miles; to even attempt to summarise such a huge campaign into a book of this size is to accept that it cannot do justice to those who fought in it. Many critical battles have not been presented as scenarios in this book, merely due to the constraints of the book size and the author’s wish to present a variety of very different scenarios for players. For those who are interested in a more in-depth look at the actual historical events surrounding the New Guinea campaign, a bibliography is provided to aid you in your research 132 pages of stunning photography and full-colour art this campaign supplement includes: Campaign Overview Prelude Scenario 1: Operation RI Target New Guinea Scenario 2: The Salamaua Raid Scenario 3: The First Battle of Kokoda The Fighting Escalates Scenario 4: Creek Ambush T Milne Bay Scenario 5: The Battle of Milne Bay Fighting Back To The Beaches Scenario 6: The Battle of Buna–Gona Pressing The Advantage Scenario 7: Bobdubi Ridge Salamaua Scenario 8: Mount Tambu Maintaining The Offensive Scenario 9: Scarlet Beach Unhealthy For The Japanese’ Operation Cartwheel Scenario 10: Los Negros The Last Strategic Point Scenario 11: The Aitape Counter Attack Bougainville Scenario 12: Slater’s Knoll The Aftermath Legends of New Guinea: Second Lieutenant Tetsuo Ogawa Colonel George Warfe Captain Geoffrey Vernon Sergeant Major Katue Lieutenant Colonel Hatsuo Tsukamoto Armies Of Australia: The Army List, National Special Rules, including Limited Artillery Support, Aggressive Patrolling, Never Give Up Campaign Characteristic Special Rules: Australia is next…, Fighting withdrawal, Jungle Warfare Masters New units include: Militia Infantry Section AIF Infantry Section Jungle Division Infantry Section Platoon Scout Team Independent Company Commando Section Independent Company Raiding Party Jungle Engineer Section Papuan Infantry Battalion Section Matilda II, CS & ‘Frog’ Japan IJN or SNLF Scout Team IJA Engineer Squad Japanese Night Infiltrators Lone Sniper The Netherlands Infantry Squads and Teams KNIL Guerrilla Rifle Section KNIL Guerrilla Light Machine Gun Section Theatre Selectors include: Australia 2nd Australian Imperial Force in the Mediterranean & North Africa 1941–42 Lark Force 1942 Australian Army Kanga Force Defence of Milne Bay 1943–45 Australian ‘Jungle Division’ Australian Tank Troop, New Guinea 1943–45 United States of America: Ghost Mountain Boys US Army Late War, New Guinea The Netherlands: KNIL Guerrillas Japan: Assault of New Guinea South Seas Detachment Japanese Pacific Defenders IJA Heavy Machine Gun Platoon Japanese Army, New Guinea 1943–45 Tropical Hazards including Exhaustion, Mud, & Monsoon Season plus much much more!

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Campaign New Guinea

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