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Leading from the fore, a T'au Empire Commander directs his troops from his Battlesuit; either the the incredibly well armed XV-85 Enforcer Armour or the more swift and nimble XV-86 Coldstar Battlesuit. Capable of ordering swift and decisive action thanks, not only his own strategic experience, but the vast quantities of data available to him through the plethora of sensors adorning the armour, 

This 77-part kit allows you to build your Tau Commander in either an an XV-85 Enforcer Armour Crisis Battlesuit or an XV-86 Coldstar Battlesuit.

Different Heads, Engines, Legs and Arms are all included and that's before you even start looking at the vast selection of weaponry included in the box. An Airburst Frag Projector, A Plasma Rifle, A Flamer, a Fusion Blaster, a Cyclic Ion Blaster, a Burst Cannon and a Missile Pod!!

On top of that you also get the parts to build a Drone which can be 1 of 3 variants, either; Gun Drone, Shield Drone or Marker Drone.

Supplied with one 60mm Round Base. 

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Tau Empire: Commander

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