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Stormcast Eternals Paladins Box Cover


Retributors live up to their name, dealing justice in blinding flashes of celestial anger. Their Lightning Hammers are forged from ensorcelled sigmarite. Retributors call upon the power of the storm to unleash bursts of Sky Magic. 

Decimators wielding their mighty Thunderaxes are a sight to see wading into the fray, casting down countless foes with each swing.

Moving with incredible speed and purpose, Protectors  are able to weave their Stormstrike Glaives in intricate patterns that create shields of celestial energy, the Protectors cast the incoming projectiles aside. When they draw close, the Protectors use their abilities to carve, and slice

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything needed to build five Paladins which are assembled as either Retributors, Decimators or Protectors. Protectors  are armed as standard with Stormstrike Glaives, with the option to build one as a Protector-Prime whose Stormstrike Glaive is imbued with extra powers. Decimators are armed with ominous Thunderaxes, one model can be built as a Decimator-Prime. The Retributors are armed with Lightning Hammers – with one being assembled as a Retributor-Prime, with a specially upgraded Lightning Hammer, and in each discipline one model can be optionally upgraded with a Starsoul Mace.

The box contains a huge amount of variety and options - eighteen heads, twenty shoulder pads, nine tilting shoulder plates - with interesting posability making your collection unique. All models are supplied with a 40mm Citadel Base.

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Stormcast Eternals: Paladins Retributors / Decimators / Protectors

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