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Battletome Seraphon Cover


The cold‐blooded Seraphon strive to enact the Great Plan of the Old Ones, the ancient and mysterious creators of the Old World. They are dedicated to the destruction of the Chaos Gods, and show no mercy to any who stand in their way. Summoned by the slann, cohorts of brutal saurus are bolstered by agile skinks and towering reptilian monsters. Those who stand before them soon find themselves met by the greatest power in the heavens.

This 104 page hardback book containing art and lore is your complete guide to lizardmen and their disciplined armies. Discover how the Seraphon came to the Mortal Realms. Learn their lore, get inspired and field an army for yourself with a suite of powerful and thematic rules, including allegiance abilities, spell lores, artefacts and more.

- The history and origins of the Seraphon 

- Lore and art that brings the world of the Seraphon to life

- Tips for collecting Seraphon, and rules that allow them to be led on the tabletop

- Allegiance abilities that bestow a wide selection of battle traits, command traits, artefacts of power. 

- Unique spell lores for use with the army

- A battleplan of an intervention from above by the Seraphon

- Rules themed around the four most famed Seraphon Constellations. 

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Battletome: Seraphon

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