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The ranks of the Astra Militarum feature countless regiments drawn from the planet of Cadia – or mustered in the gate world's fallen image. These born soldiers are held by many as the ideal Imperial troops – from freshly-conscripted cadets to seasoned Shock Troops and established Veterans, the regiments of Cadia fight through injury and hardship, laden with all the varied tools of war.

This plastic upgrade set allows you to customise a variety of plastic Cadian kits – including the Cadian Shock Troops and Cadian Command Squad – with extra accessories, interchangeable components, and new cosmetic options. Add even more of a personal touch to your army, represent specific upgrades or narratives, ensure no two squads look the same, and prove that, while even a single Cadian draws breath – Cadia stands!

This kit contains:

- 18x Cadian Heads:

– 6x Cadian Cadet heads, with caps bearing a wingless skull

– 6x Masked Cadian heads, with sealed rebreather helmets

– 6x Bare Cadian heads, with a variety of characterful features

- Cadian Shock Trooper Sergeant Upgrade Set:

– 1x Alternate head

– 1x Right arm with belt-fed autogun

– 2x Left arms – one bionic limb and the other holding an ammo belt

- Cadian Shock Trooper Ammo-jack Upgrade Set:

– 1x Alternate head

– 1x Tool pack

– 1x Left arm with ammo tin

– 2x Right arms – one with a fuel can and the other with a shouldered lasgun

- Cadian Shock Trooper Wounded Upgrade Set:

– 1x Bandaged head

– 1x Bedroll pack with stowed helmet

– 1x Left arm in cast and sling

– 1x Right arm with lasgun and sling

- Cadian Shock Trooper Navigator Upgrade Set:

– 1x Head with eye lens

– 1x Bundle of rope

– 1x Left arm with lasgun

– 1x Right arm with map

- Cadian Shock Trooper Left-handed Upgrade Set:

– 1x Alternate head

– 1x Bedroll

– 1x Left arm holding lasgun

– 1x Right arm supporting lasgun

- Cadian Battlefield Medic:

– A complete plastic miniature depicting a trained medic with a unique helix-marked helmet, crouching to apply triage with a blood bag and syringe, their lasgun slung over their shoulder. Note that this miniature is not supplied with a base.

- Cadian Battlefield Mechanic:

– A complete plastic miniature designed to crouch atop the hull of a Rogal Dorn Battle Tank, depicting a field engineer with slicked-back hair and rolled sleeves, ready to apply maintenance with a hefty wrench. Note that this miniature is not supplied with a base.

- Cadian Armoured Company Officer:

– A decorated, scarred officer designed to fit in the open hatch of a Rogal Dorn Battle Tank. He can be built with one of two right arm options – braced firmly on his hip, or wielding a power sword.

- 14x Cadian Accessories, including:

- 5x Bayonets or combat knives

- 2x Sandbags

- 1x Spare helmet

- 1x Canister

- 1x Holstered pistol

- 1x Fuel can

- 1x Backpack

- 1x Right arm wielding an axe

- 1x Grave marker, made from a lasgun planted in the ground and topped by a helmet and tags

This upgrade set comprises 87 plastic components and is designed to be assembled with other Astra Militarum plastic kits, which are sold separately. These components are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

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Cadian Upgrades

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